About – The Corporate Commuter


The Mission

The mission of the Corporate Commuter is to transition professionals into a modern active lifestyle. 

Corporate Commuters are ...

  Professionals that live and work in a world constantly in motion. Movement is an instrumental part of their lives. The tools used to commute help them to bring balance to otherwise fast-paced.
We are corporate commuters too.

Our Core Values

We move the modern corporate commuter with efficiency, style and class. 
To meet our standard, all of our products must have the following attributes:
Use new technology,
Are easy and efficient to use, and
Have a sleek design.

     How we do it

    By drawing from personal experience, we select and  provide tools that bring synergy between your style and lifestyle, giving you a seamless commuting experience - no matter your travel method or destination:
    Active and Public Transport (ATP)
    Motorised Transport (MT)
    Air Transport (AT)

    Why we do it

    On average, we spend 550 hours a year commuting for work purposes. That’s a lot of time to just lose to commutes, so we want to make you more efficient!

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