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Your exhaust fumes can create artwork!

Some of the most populated cities in the world have some of the oldest running cars in the world. Leaving a massive amount of exhaust shadows from cars, buses and motorbikes on buildings, cars, clothing and of course in the atmosphere. A computer engineer saw this as an opportunity and created Air-Ink.

Mumbai Pollution

Founded by Anirudh Sharma, when visiting family in the city of Mumbai (the fifth most polluted city in the world), he was inspired to fix the problem of soot flying in the atmosphere and contaminating breathing air. Air-Ink works by capturing the soot from engine emissions via a specially made cylindrical metal device which sits over the top of exhaust pipes and generators. This device captures 95% of the particle matter before it can pollute the air.

Air-Ink Capture Device

Once collected, the soot is filtered for glass and heavy metal fragments leaving just the black particles behind. By cleaning these fragments out, the soot becomes harmless as a toxin, especially once bound in ink form. The soot is combined with vegetable oil the to create the ink which is placed in pens, markers and paints.

Air-Ink Markers and Pens

So far Air-ink devices have captured 1.6 billion micrograms of particulate matter, which equates to cleaning around 1.6 trillion litres of air. To produce 1 fluid ounce of ink, 45 minutes of emission generation is required, meaning each Air-Ink marker could hold the equivalent of 40–130 minutes of diesel car pollution.

The ink is being rapidly picked up by artists wanting to create sustainable and environmentally friendly artworks in urban transportation areas.

Air-Ink Art 


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