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Your exhaust fumes can create artwork!

Some of the most populated cities in the world have some of the oldest running cars in the world. Leaving a massive amount of exhaust shadows from cars, buses and motorbikes on buildings, cars, clothing and of course in the atmosphere. A computer engineer saw this as an opportunity and created Air-Ink. Founded by Anirudh Sharma, when visiting family in the city of Mumbai (the fifth most polluted city in the world), he was inspired to fix the problem of soot flying in the atmosphere and contaminating breathing air. Air-Ink works by capturing the soot from engine emissions via a specially made cylindrical metal device which sits over the top of exhaust pipes and generators. This device captures 95% of...

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Fake noise required by law for electric cars?

The newest craze in the automotive industry is creating a safety hazard for pedestrians. Electric and hybrid car manufacturers have been struggling for a decade with the question of how to fix the safety hazard created by the minimal noise these cars make.  It turns out that adding fake noise is the answer. Announced in November 2016, by the U.S. Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) a new safety standard requires all newly manufactured hybrid and electric vehicles to produce audible noise at low speeds. This rule will be applied to any vehicle 4500 Kg or less. It will be required that they have to make noise when moving forward or backwards and only when travelling up...

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What's that structure on the River Torrens?

If you have been in and around the Adelaide CBD lately, you may have noticed a floating structure being erected on the River Torrens. Well, there is a very good reason for this.  Did you know that back in the roaring 1920's, Adelaide had a floating ballroom on the River Torrens, The Floating Palais. In 1928, it was destroyed by a number of explosions and dismantled for good in 1929.  Or so we thought! In 2017, and as part of the Adelaide Festival, in Adelaide, South Australia, the Floating Palais has been brought back to life (albeit in a temporary form). Adelaidians, enjoy this time of year in our beautiful state. and be merry!   Until next time, have a...

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In 2011, 65,000 people listed their religion as Jedi in the Australian census

Apparently, a grassroots movement was initiated in 2001 urging residents of a number of countries around the world to record their religion as “Jedi” on the national census. Australia took part in the movement, and in 2001, we had 70,000 residents following Jedi-ism. In 2011, there were 65,000. In 2016, the Atheist Foundation of Australia publicly campaigned against the joke. The reason: because Jedi-ism is counted by the Australian Bureau of statistics as a religion that is “not defined”, which means it officially counts towards the total of religious Australians in the results.   Until next time, have a great Friday The Corporate Commuter  

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Prize For Carrying your Wife in Finland

Operating an online store means we troll the internet - a lot! Unfortunately, the desire to procrastinate takes hold every now and again and we’ve managed to build a decent library of (mostly useless) trivial facts. We’ve decided this knowledge should be shared;  welcome the ‘Friday Fact’. Today's Fact Did you Know: At the Wife Carrying World Championships in Finland, first prize is the wife's weight in beer. In a bizarre annual race held in Sonkajaervi, Finland, men carry their wives (or a borrowed female) to sprint a 250-metre course with their “wives” holding on (for dear life) to the “husband’s” back.  This is what it looks like: Gold. If you’re interested, See you in Finland!    Until next...

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