Why Did I Start The Corporate Commuter?

Why Did I Start The Corporate Commuter?

It’s a good question…


It’s something that friends and family ask all the time. The answer, because life is busy. As a young corporate professional, like many, I was plunged into the hectic lifestyle that only exists within our urban jungles. Feeling like you're overwhelmed by your daily commuting experience? Click here.



The combination of work, family & friend commitments, exercise regimes and, in my case, living between my home and my girlfriend’s, I quickly found I was woefully under-prepared for this “on-the-move” lifestyle.


I wanted to be efficient; I wanted to be streamlined but didn’t know how. I was constantly thinking days ahead and living out of a single, big, heavy, unorganised gym bag. Tired of that, I went in search of products and tools to help me cope and get organised! There were plenty of marketplaces that sold the basic necessities, but the products and services offered fell short. If you've ever felt like this come join our community here.


I needed a place that catered to my commuting needs: a place that understood the difficulties and differences of commuting via several modes of transport and could help to make it seamless.


The Corporate Commuter was born. I want this to be a marketplace and forum where corporate males can find useful products and tips on commuting smarter (but with style!), by any travel mode. If this interests you click here.


I hope to support a community of like-minded people that were (or are) having the same issues that I had. The products and tools I’ve sourced and will continue to source are and must meet the following criteria. They must be innovative, functional, and serve a purpose in the modern commuting lifestyle. 


Whenever you need efficiency, organisation and style,  The Corporate Commuter will be there to help.


Until next time….


From a Corporate Commuter

Nic Mavrogiannis



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