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A Christmas Message from The Corporate Commuter

  As we celebrate the end of a very significant year, we’d like to thank you for supporting The Corporate Commuter and for contributing to its ongoing growth and success. May your Christmas be filled with happiness and your New Year abundant with health and prosperity. Before we go, The Corporate Commuter will be having a Boxing to New Year Day SALE. THAT'S 15% OFF STORE WIDE! So if you have been looking for a bargain or were waiting for after Christmas to that special item then this is the time to do it. Come check us out tomorrow as get your special savings before the end of the year.  We will be open throughout the Christmas and New Year’s...

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Top 3 Travel-Savvy Gift Ideas

Know anyone that commutes to work every day? They could be a father, husband, partner, brother, son, or friend who travels a lot – whether that’s intrastate, interstate or international; for work or for kicks – this holiday season help them out and buy them one of the top 3 travel-savvy gift ideas from The Corporate Commuter.   The Pebble Wallet (credit card holder) If you’re like us, we barely know what cash looks like anymore and store our livelihood on a handful of cards. The Pebble is an essential credit card holder with a radio frequency identification protective shield that prevents your personal information from being scanned by unkind people and protects you from identity theft! The look and...

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Travelling overseas? Here's the best bag for you.

I know this might sound a little weird… but I love being well-organised. Whether it's for my day, for work or for a holiday. I love it because I know that I’m prepared for the day, the week, the trip ahead. A year ago I took a six-week holiday with my girlfriend to southern Europe. We travelled from Portugal through Spain, France, Italy, Turkey and finally, finished up in Greece - which is where my lineage is from. Packing for our European trip was fun – No hint of sarcasm, really; who wouldn’t love packing for a Europe trip?  I get satisfaction out of order; everything in its place, easily accessible; organised… Ahhh. My girlfriend on the other hand… chaos....

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How to get Free Shipping & Returns!

Hi Corporate Commuters, I'm so grateful it's the weekend, and especially because it's a long weekend. Don't get me wrong, I love my work and the opportunities I get to travel, but sometimes it's just nice to sit back and relax. And, I get the opportunity to reach out to you and tell you about some of The Corporate Commuter's policies, which we are proud to have. The first is free shipping. We offer this when you register to join the Corporate Commuter Community mailing list. Just click on the 'sign-up' button in the top right corner and you'll receive your code for free shipping.  The second is our free refund policy for any product you are not 100% satisfied...

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Why Did I Start The Corporate Commuter?

It’s a good question…   It’s something that friends and family ask all the time. The answer, because life is busy. As a young corporate professional, like many, I was plunged into the hectic lifestyle that only exists within our urban jungles. Feeling like you're overwhelmed by your daily commuting experience? Click here.     The combination of work, family & friend commitments, exercise regimes and, in my case, living between my home and my girlfriend’s, I quickly found I was woefully under-prepared for this “on-the-move” lifestyle.   I wanted to be efficient; I wanted to be streamlined but didn’t know how. I was constantly thinking days ahead and living out of a single, big, heavy, unorganised gym bag. Tired...

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